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05.09.2017 KeepinitRealLiz

How many times do you trim your hair?

03.09.2017 Eleanor Hawkins

Do you have a video on that twist style. That is so flattering on you. I am considering wearing my hair in twists styles and need some direction on getting started. Oh and by the way i am a new subbie.

31.08.2017 Akeya Johnson

Do you still do wash and go s? If not is there a reason why?

29.08.2017 Leticia Marques

This recommendation oferece make is spetacular. D

26.08.2017 A. J.

I have been trying to simplify my routine for years! I think i m getting it. I m glad i found your channel to refer to.

24.08.2017 Trisha G.

Kinkyme ur videos tho omg. Always well thought out organized. U must be a very organized person, where everything in ur cabinets are set in their right places, a very neatly written calendar tucked away nearby full of different color pen writing according to schedules appointments etc. Lol.

22.08.2017 u0fo

U r gorgeous!

21.08.2017 Jazmina K

New subbie, i enjoyed the simple and straight forward information

18.08.2017 Melanie Mcmullen

Still learning how to care for my natural locs. I need an explanation on some things like, what is b, c? I know that they re hair types but what textures? And how do i know what mine are? And what is pre poo?

16.08.2017 ASHASTORM

You gooo girl. I do that too. In that exact order except i ghe every night or every other. With small twist. I cant wait for my hair to get your length.

13.08.2017 1GoldenBreeze

Your twists look great. Congratz on the new baby.

10.08.2017 Purplefrilly

Coconut oil is actually not a penetrating oil, it seals the hair with a little protein but doesn t actually penetrate the stands

08.08.2017 Talk About Talent

Love this method

06.08.2017 Kwanis Fisher

Hey. What are the amount of the oils combination for your pre poo?

03.08.2017 Debra White

Thanks, l will try this regiment great tips especially in winter.

01.08.2017 chae eee

Thanks for this great video. How long did it take you to grow you re hair that long? Also, do you trim you re hair regularly?

29.07.2017 Michelle Lewis

I m finding that most coconut oil things i put in my hair are causing my skin to break out and there doesn t seem to be many alternatives for leave in s or deep moisturizers.

27.07.2017 GoodLightGoddess

I like this routine. Seems very doable.

25.07.2017 Kory Kent

That s a great regimen. I ve had my hair twisted for almost a week, but didn t really know if i should be doing more to it. However my twists are still pretty short and childish looking or else i d be rocking twists . I can t do crochets, wigs, braids or any protective styling like that because my scalp is extremely sensitive. Hopefully i can find a way to rock shorter twists because i really want to just put it away and let it grow!

23.07.2017 Sasu123456789x1

I need to try this cause i m trying to grow my hair, thanks

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