Youtube crochet braids straight hair

Category: Crochet braids with curly kanekalon hair Duration: 00:09:07 Published: 1970-01-01 Views: 956747
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02.09.2017 ZanTii Duncan

You are the boss. Master of crochet! Wonderfully done

01.09.2017 nstuitrust

I love this hair color!

30.08.2017 nathy santius

Hi, my name is natalia and i love to see what you are, beautiful black negrad do with their hair and i m here drooling i have no conditions of purchase i live here in brazil and it s absurd the value of hair and i beg for you to give me even those who you do not want to, but you would like to, even use a thank you.

28.08.2017 Mercedes Mosquera

No entiendo el idioma podra en espaal por favor

25.08.2017 Mercedes Mosquera

Que es caca cuate

23.08.2017 Mercedes Mosquera

Muy bueno los vdeos

22.08.2017 Mercedes Mosquera

Mujeres que dan hermosas

20.08.2017 Mercedes Mosquera


19.08.2017 Meme Meme

Big like plz tell me song name

16.08.2017 Alisha Daniel

How many packs of hair?

14.08.2017 Christina Ekpo

What s the name of the hair the girl is using, it s beautiful

13.08.2017 Naynay James

How long did this take

12.08.2017 Anny Oliveira

Msica linda ficou lindo o cabelo

09.08.2017 Letticia Nonceba

Lovely hair styles

06.08.2017 Esther Fred

So beautiful

04.08.2017 Crislaine de Paula

Omg this hair is perfect! I loved the invisible part tecnique

01.08.2017 Lady Alii

This is my next hairstyle thanks

30.07.2017 Stacy Kitchin

Were are you? I like it. Would like for you to work on my hair.

27.07.2017 mary caicedo

Hola algien me puede decir q es el producto q aplican en las trenzas antes de colocarle la extencion?

25.07.2017 Juliana Santos

Muito bom

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