Chi hair spray with crown top

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31.08.2017 MsKristinn321

I actually bend the iron at the root and then pull back to get some lift at the crown, but i m going to give this technique a try. Thanks for sharing your tips. Xoxo

30.08.2017 Rosina Julia

Your hair is so thick and beautiful! Great tips!

28.08.2017 Jules of Wisdom

Good tip. I always try remember over directing for volume from the beginning with blowing dry. I have fine, thin hair, but using a large round brush this technique it comes out quite full. I have trouble with it lasting.

26.08.2017 Beauty Geek

What a great tip! I use a comb and it does make a huge difference, but i ve never tried adding volume with a flat iron. Can t wait to try this!

23.08.2017 MsIndian82

Thx for the tip

21.08.2017 Elle Is For Living

Kim i do this with my round curling iron only without curling it and swear by it. Doing it vertical and even pushed forward really helps with the height. Good video. X oxo elle

20.08.2017 Cheri Gamble

I just recently purchased a chi temperature control styling iron off qvc. The women on the screem made it look so cool so easy, doing so many awesome styles with it! From straightening, to a bump, to curls, to spiral curls. But of course, none of it worked for the same forme! Lol! I have very thick, long, layered hair as well! Oh well. Back to my electric curlers i go! Lol!

17.08.2017 Lena Warner

This is so helpful! Great video!

15.08.2017 83pavs

Kim, you have the most beautiful hair! Great tutorial! Xoxopeggy

14.08.2017 sek4me

Your hair always looks nice! Thank you for the tips kim i really do appreciate them and look forward to more of them xo susie

12.08.2017 Rosie Perry

Wowsers, you look so very pretty in this video. So summery! Xx

10.08.2017 MoviesByRevin

I m so jealous of your hair. Look so thick! Maybe your different layers do make a real difference! Now that the weather is getting humide, having flat hair not gonna work anymore. I ll try your tip next fall in months.

07.08.2017 Annette Barletta

Thanks kim. What about someone with thin, straight hair? Would a flat iron work?

05.08.2017 Gary Bellati

This didn t work for me. I tried it a few times. It left my hair at the root of my crown kind of wacky. Maybe i wasn t doing it right. I don t know.

03.08.2017 Lara Racster

Kim, thank you so much for making this video. I am practicing with my flat iron and it seems to be working. I am also using a root lifting spray and that seems to be helping too. Have a great weekend!

31.07.2017 FibroFancyNancy

This is a great idea. You have so much hair, jelly!

30.07.2017 Laika Stella

So helpful! Your hair looks so pretty! Thanks for the video x

28.07.2017 Melanie Boudreaux

Does this works on bangs?

27.07.2017 TheWatyfly

Great! I ll try it out soon! New subscriber

26.07.2017 Kelsey Bunnell

Looks the same.

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