Long straight hair tutorial

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30.08.2017 Gracee Rodriguez

I love this look chlo can you do a lucy hale inspired makeup look? You look a lot like her!

29.08.2017 michelle p

Personally, i don t like the instyler. It doesn t work well for my wavy curly hair. It doesn t even straighten my roots because the barrel and comb aren t able to go up that high. It only works well for people who already have somewhat of straight hair. Anyway, your hair looks fab !

28.08.2017 Marie-Soleil C

Tes vidos sont toujours plaisants regarder! Mais je m ennuie de tes vlogs en franais!

26.08.2017 itsmaybytheway

Wowww tes cheveux lisse

24.08.2017 Emily Dovick

New video on my channel! I m just starting out and i would love if you guys checked it out xoxo i appreciate all the support

21.08.2017 YariGlows215

Beautiful as always chle.

19.08.2017 Isha Lavadia

We had the same tool before but a different brand but it always just eats my hair anyway, your hair looks good!

17.08.2017 Essential Vitamins for Hair Growth

Nice video. Thanks for sharing

15.08.2017 Catty

I love your hair so much and i want know which colour you use so bad d

14.08.2017 Samara Hossain

Wow you re beautiful! This tutorial really helped me can you do a madison beer makeup tutorial or a concert makeup tutorial? Xoxo

11.08.2017 The Rock -n- Twins

Hi chloe, what size did you get? I love it and would love to try it.

10.08.2017 BestInTheWorld

Hey you when we getting married tho?

08.08.2017 Rachel Alvarez

Another great tutorial!

05.08.2017 giggles diaz

Can i be u please

03.08.2017 North Cali

The black crossbody purse did you get it at forever ?

31.07.2017 Haya Ahmed

Love it, i will get it its so cool.

29.07.2017 starry night


26.07.2017 Sargam Dhingra

Hey. Wats the song in the background

25.07.2017 ThePorsha777

You are so beautiful and sweet, love your hair!

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