Kudajadri herbal hair oil

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09.04.2017 Findum Fukemflee

Thank you. You re amazing.

06.04.2017 A Rani

I am rani mem hindi my comment kijiy plz

05.04.2017 Miriam Jennings

Hi, i love your videos. My question is, what about light color hair? Will the henna or dark oils stain light color hair?

04.04.2017 Maria McCreary

I have dark hair like yours, will the henna change my hair color?

02.04.2017 uzma zaki

It s a good therapy but it s difficult to remove oil from hair and shampooing twice makes my hair dry. Please tell me an easy way to washout the oil

30.03.2017 Iman Starks

Does the henna turn your hair a different color in this mixture

28.03.2017 AISHA 22

Is this recipe suitaple for oily sclep? And can i use coconut oil and heena only?

25.03.2017 Faraaz Ahmed

Can u oil n mk a tight bun?

24.03.2017 Farah F

Hi hru can i use olive oil or almond oil n plz tel me how many time use this oil in week

20.03.2017 Minoxidil Beard and hair products

Hello i bought shelly mehandi henna oil is that ok?

18.03.2017 Khadeejaj Amrin

I have to put this in a glass gar or can i use a plastic bottle to store this? Plz reply dr

16.03.2017 Beauty by Srena

Great tips!

15.03.2017 senyorita 1

Hello our princess i would like to ask you about the fenugreek seeds can i use the grinded one?

14.03.2017 Iba Bajrami

Does the henna oil change your colour?

12.03.2017 Tazreen Sattar

Hi. I have no oven. So can i use stove? What will be the method then?

11.03.2017 deepak deepu

I have thin hair but i want thick hair pls suggest which oil i use

08.03.2017 md karim

Can i skip fenugreek seeds? Plssssss reply

07.03.2017 Hhfm Services

Hi, jo after applying this oil hair wash is must? What if we don t microwave? Coz i don t have that. Plz reply

05.03.2017 Neetu Nagar

Garam heena hi milana h?

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