Recute hair oil benefits

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12.02.2017 Sande E

What awesome products! Love when u guys do these videos

10.02.2017 Come rent1

Yes please more of this videos

08.02.2017 Geeta Shreya

Mellisa pls make a video on cleaning without making your hands rough as my hands are getting rough as i clean pls.

07.02.2017 stedgar369

Use china markers instead of permanent no need to use another chemical or cleaner.

06.02.2017 Francis Suemith

I like mr. Sponge.

03.02.2017 Jason Mah

Couldnt find the garbage bag and towel holder on amazon. The link only shows a holder for cutting boards?

01.02.2017 jillapalooza

Because you have cats, i would love to know your take on essential oil diffusers and pets. I ve read so much conflicting information on whether it s safe or not, and i d love to know your thoughts. I m buying some of those carpet tiles! I need to replace the nasty rug in my kitchen but i haven t been able to find a replacement carpet that s the right size!

30.01.2017 Grim Taino

Ashley is actually a guy s name.

28.01.2017 Luca Natoli

Need this stuff in australia. Got a diffuser off amazon us, best thing ever.

27.01.2017 RoyalSnowbird

Hair spray will remove marker off glass. So, why spend money for nothing?

24.01.2017 Julie Quates

Skraper has been in my kitchen for a year now since seeing you use it!

23.01.2017 Mandy K


22.01.2017 Terri S

I m interested in the handy home products spreader but when i google it it shows up on amazon but it s no longer available where can i locate this?

19.01.2017 Elke Friedrich

I loved to see the products from koziol. They are produced near to my hometown here in germany and i like their products. You are doing a great job! Thank you!

16.01.2017 kallee jefferson

Use rubbing alcohol to remove sharpie it s cheaper

14.01.2017 hanane kabbouch

How do you keep your nails safe from cleaning, mine broke frequently, they are constantly in the water!

13.01.2017 Eva Wermer

To get the permanent marker of of plastic, glass, refrigerator, etc. Just scribble over the permanent marker with a dry eraser marker wash it normally how you would and boom it s gone and you only have to spend one dollar

12.01.2017 M Bain

Can you give a review on odorfix plus pet urine odor remove, and a comparison if there is anything out there please and thanks in advance. Love your channel very helpful stuff.

09.01.2017 Micky Payne

I love your channel and thank you so much for keeping me up to date on new changes in cleaning up and staying up.

07.01.2017 Linda Fabiano

Hi, i love watching your videos, they are so helpful and interesting. We have recently bought an induction cooktop and i was wondering if you have any suggestions as to what i could put over the cooktop when not in use to protect it from scratches but also so i can place items on it that come out of the oven

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