Medium length hair styles for boys

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04.09.2017 TheOPman

What are the hair measurements? Front, sides and back. Anyone?

03.09.2017 ThaiGoalie

And surprisingly many gurrellzz lol

31.08.2017 Grin Gar

I m basically at this stage of growth

30.08.2017 BJ Price

Doesn t heat damage your hair, especially if you hold it so close to your scalp? Or is he using the cold setting?

27.08.2017 Spencer Wells

How long did it take you to grow it this length?

25.08.2017 son adriant

Inspiration. Thanks

22.08.2017 Christian Boi

Are you hairy from one direction cuz you look a lot like him of not

20.08.2017 bhoomitaa Stylinson

Harry styles justin bieber jarl anderson

17.08.2017 pritam kumar

Wtf was this, dude ugly asf and knows nothing about hair styling

15.08.2017 Ballin_in_ak 24

Damnit i shaved the sides of my hair for that undercut kind of look but now months later i wish i still had the side length cause when i try to do any style i look stupid asf

13.08.2017 William Cole

No product?

11.08.2017 Logan Peterson

What kind of shampoo do you use

09.08.2017 devoted

Fucking fagget lul

07.08.2017 vladimir rogojin

You look like harry style haha

06.08.2017 Ida & Elisabeth

You look like harry from one direction

04.08.2017 Jack Geee

I thought harry styles was in the thumbnail

01.08.2017 Jack Geee

Looks like elvis presley

30.07.2017 imed lefifene

Hi, till now i watch your video s, tanks bro for the tips

27.07.2017 Bree Uy

One direction

25.07.2017 Vish Garag

Which song is that? While blow drying and at the start

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